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At our animal hospital in Clearwater, FL, we significantly focus on using top-notch diagnostic equipment.  We provide various diagnostic options, including pet X-rays, in-house laboratory equipment, and the ability to send tests to other laboratories.

Pet Diagnostic

At Skyrest Animal Hospital, we offer our clients the greatest veterinarian treatment for their animals and some of the most cutting-edge veterinary diagnostic equipment. Diagnostic testing is frequently needed to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s sickness.

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Pet Diagnostics

Skycrest Animal Hospital has recently updated our diagnostic capabilities! We now offer digital radiographs with the most state-of-the-art x-ray machine. This allows us to get a closer view of any problem areas and get the highest quality detail of all images. X-rays are also sent to a veterinary radiologist for a specialist consultation on the same day.

Our in-house chemistry machine can give us answers in just 15 minutes! When your pet is not feeling well, figuring out how to improve them is our highest priority. Whether we send detailed testing to our diagnostic lab or perform a quick in-house check of your pet’s blood, we can get to the bottom of many problems!

The veterinary clinic also offers ultrasound capabilities. Right now, we use ultrasound as a screening tool. Still, coming in November 2022, we will be able to provide complete abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms of the heart, analyzed by internal medicine specialists.

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