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Our wellness care practices can extend your pet’s life as fully as possible. Annual physicals are crucial! Many of our younger patients receive yearly exams. However, we advise getting your pet checked out every six months if they are becoming older or have any health issues.

Pet Wellness

Your veterinarian thoroughly examines your pet as part of your pet’s yearly checkup and talks to you about immunizations and continuing health. Your pet must have health exams just as you do with your doctor.

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Pet Wellness

For our wellness appointments, the veterinarians at Skycrest Animal Hospital will thoroughly examine your pet and make sure that everything from their nose to tail is in tip-top shape! We recommend regular blood work on an annual basis for all pets. Because cats and dogs can’t tell us if anything is amiss, following their blood values closely can give us valuable early information to track their health. Regular internal parasite checks are also performed. Every pet should have feces (stool) checked for intestinal parasites and a blood test to look for heartworm disease. Skycrest Animal Hospital follows AAHA vaccination guidelines to ensure your pet is getting only the vaccinations they need for their lifestyle but is staying protected against necessary diseases. 

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We also recommend parasite prevention. Living in the greater Tampa Bay area (including Clearwater) is excellent -everyone wants to live here! Unfortunately, everyone includes unwanted pests. Regular flea and tick control is important, and heartworm prevention is essential. Heartworm disease is easily spread by mosquitoes (common bugs in the Clearwater area) and is undetectable until the worms have already invaded the heart.

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